What Guys Really Think About What You Order On A Date

What Guys Really Think About What You Order On A Date

Did you ever actually think about the foods you order when you go out? What about on a date? If not, it’s time that you did. After all, your date is thinking about it.

What you order on a date can tell a lot about you as a person, or at least that’s what guys like to think. You’re a lot more complicated and deep than a basic garden salad, but what about other foods you might enjoy when you’re out on this wonderful date with this incredibly sexy guy? You might not have given it all much thought, but it’s time you did.

Much of what you order could actually be a deal breaker (or maker) for the guy you might be truly interested in dating more. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things guys think about your orders when out on a date.


The salad.


Ugh. Are you kidding? If that’s all you’re going to order on this date, then you’ve got some potentially serious problems. Actually, you do have some serious problems. That’s because guys just don’t do salads. They think of them as just a teaser not anything to take seriously.

When you go out to dinner, you should be having fun. Salads are not fun; they’re just something to pick at until the rea stuff arrives. A woman who orders a salad, and only a salad, on a date is not someone to mess with. Maybe for a few dates for fun, but not much beyond that.




Ordering a cheeseburger is fine, and it’s a step up from a salad, but not by much. You can get a burger anywhere. However, if you load that thing up with all the fixin’s, including bacon, onions, and the works, then we’re going to be impressed.


Off the wall appetizers.


If you suggest a restaurant we’ve never heard of with menu items we can’t pronounce and the food looks like it came from somebody’s garage (or it’s about the size of a dime), we’re not going to be impressed.

Is this a place you actually like? How many times have you been here before? Or is it that the menu has no prices because it’s so expensive you never would even dare think of spending that kind of money yourself?

Fancy is fine for weddings and special occasions, but I hardly know you … yet. Forget the off the wall places and food items. If we can’t pronounce it or if it looks like it could jump up at any moment, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Steak … medium rare.


Now you’re talking. We like women who know how to order food and a nice, hearty and robust steak cooked medium rare (not well done) is the best way to go. You’re actually going to impress us to no end if you order something like this on a first or second date.

Remember, guys want real women, and real women order real food. You can get back to your salad only diet tomorrow. Tonight it’s about enjoying the moment, and some good food!


Written by G. T. Hedlund

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