Top 8 Qualities Men Are Secretly Looking for In Women

Top 8 Qualities Men Are Secretly Looking for In Women

Do you know what men are looking for in a potential date? What about a future wife or life partner? It’s easy to think you know based on what society has branded guys as being focused on, but reality can be quite different.

It also depends on the type of guy you’re trying to attract as well. If you want the brash, arrogant guy full of testosterone and not much else upstairs, then you can stick to the physical attributes. If you’d like to actually be treated nice, to be spoiled emotionally, and to find a man who can carry a conversation past the first question you ask, then you should focus on these qualities … because that’s what really matters to the truly good guys.




Believe it or not, the best guys out there care more about a woman’s confidence than her appearance. Don’t get me wrong, looks matter a lot, but if a woman has an air of confidence about her, that’s a whole lot sexier than the tight miniskirt.

Curves. As I just mentioned, guys are motivated by physical appearances and your curves matter. Breasts are one of those things almost every single guy in the world is going to notice early on when meeting a woman. Make sure you highlight your assets. If you think you’re a bit on the small side, don’t worry about that … most guys actually prefer smaller (unless they have the emotional and mental maturity level of a middle schooler).




We don’t want a woman to tell us stories and make herself seem better than she really is. We also don’t want you to tell us you’re fine with something we do when you’re not. Be honest. That’s a great asset.




Guys want a woman who is affectionate but also independent. We want you to be willing to go out and do your own thing once in a while. We would like to do that, too. Everyone needs their own space, hobbies, and time alone.




Men are programmed through millions of years of evolution to be caretakers, providers, and hunters. That doesn’t mean we don’t want women who are supportive. We want you to be supportive of the things we want to pursue. In the end, we’re looking for a teammate, a life partner, not someone who will just go along to get along.




When you don’t agree with something, say so. That’s the best way to be supportive of someone else. When we’re acting like total fools, we should be told that and you shouldn’t be afraid of hurting our feelings or starting a fight. If we get angry and storm away, we’ll calm down, think about it, and realize you were probably right. Just don’t expect every guy to apologize when he’s an ass.




The whole feminine movement was great, but it’s gone over the top now. If you honestly think your 5 self defense classes means you’re going to take out a 6’2” behemoth who’s trying to hurt you, think again. There’s a time and a place for fantasy, so leave it in the fiction books and movies. And don’t start thinking Rhonda could take on any male fighter and survive. Let’s all just be realistic for a moment, shall we?




Having a woman who’s playful is incredible. Make jokes, crack smiles, tease, and don’t be serious all the time. You’ll find that laughter is one of the best aphrodisiacs in the world.


Written by G. T. Hedlund

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