The 5 Most Common Things Couples Fight About and Ways To Deal With It

The 5 Most Common Things Couples Fight About and Ways To Deal With It

Fights are an inevitable part of any good relationship. Some people tend to think that when two people are in love (truly in love), then they shouldn’t have any need to quarrel and fight. How naïve.

Two people coming together to form a relationship is about two people … two independent people. Each of them has their own expectations and characteristics. They each have their own peccadillos. There are going to be things that frustrate them about the other from time to time and there are also going to be challenges they face together.

One person might want to go right when they’re lost, and she wants to stop and ask for directions. That’s when arguments can begin. So let’s take a closer look at the 5 most common things couples tend to fight about (and some clever ways they can solve these problems without them getting out of control).




Financial challenges are the number one relationship killer. Sure, infidelity is probably going to destroy a greater percentage of them when they occur, but more couples face some type of financial strife when they stay together a long time.

Whenever money issues arise, it’s important to be honest with one another (about income, expenses, plans, etc.) and also offer forgiveness when things go wrong. It’s a good idea to hire a financial consultant to step in and help you two clean up the mess, regardless of whose fault it is. That outside perspective can work wonders for both of you.




In any relationship there’s often a struggle for power. Who gets to do what, who dictates how things are done, and so on. Power struggles often lead to fighting because one partner is pushing a bit too far and reaches a point where the other will no longer be willing to take it.


Domestic jobs.


Who does the dishes? Who takes out the garbage? Whose turn is it to wake up with the crying baby? These are an example of the domestic jobs every couple has to sort out at some point.

If you don’t sit down and work out a reasonable schedule that you can both agree to, there may be resentment building in the relationship. Give it enough time and that will almost always lead to arguments and fights.




Yes, when you enter into a relationship with someone else, you become a family, even if you’re not married yet. However, you also combine two larger networks … his and hers. If one partner in the relationship spends much more time with his mom and dad, visiting with brothers, or other issues, it can create jealousy and resentment.

Talk about extended family and time together.




In the beginning of the relationship, sex is probably steamy and often. Over time things change. It’s natural. Yet when one person isn’t having their needs met properly, it can cause tension in the relationship.

Talk about sexual desires, needs, and limitations. It may feel awkward or uncomfortable, but when both of you are kind of in the mood, before gettin’ hot and heavy, that would be a great time to broach the topic.

Ultimately, as long as both of you are willing to compromise, you should be able to be happy together. If not, then expect more fighting and other issues to arise.


Written by G. T. Hedlund

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