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8 Things All Singles DESPERATELY Want Their Married Friends To Know

Being single isn’t always a choice for some people. For others, they wouldn’t want their life any other way. Being friends can be great, but what happens when those friends begin to get married? It can create some uncomfortable (and unwanted) conversations at some point in the future.

5 Habits Most People Think Are Toxic For The Relationship

Relationships are hard work. Anyone who thinks it’s easy to be in one either hasn’t put much effort into it (which places all the pressure on their partner who will one day resent it) or is heading for a breakup. If you’re not willing to focus on making the effort to ensure this one works out, don’t go looking outside of yourself for the answers about why it didn’t.

10 Reasons You Are Still Alone

You’re alone. Single. Still. It’s not like this is something you really want, but no matter what you do you can’t seem to find someone with whom to settle down for any length of time. Your relationships probably last all of about a month or two, if that, then you’re back to single life once again.

9 Things Women Find Unattractive About Men but Won’t Tell Them

There are so many things that men and women find attractive about the opposite sex, and there’s rarely an issue talking about these things, but would you have even thought that there could be some things women find unattractive about men, but don’t go out telling them about it?

How To Deal with Divorce

Ending a relationship isn’t easy for either person and the longer that two people have been together, the more difficult it can be to overcome. Dealing with divorce doesn’t necessarily mean that the breakup will be tougher, but there are certain legal implications that can affect you and your soon to be (or current) ex.

10 Signs You’re Headed For A Break Up

Nobody, and I mean nobody enters into a relationship expecting things to fall apart. You get involved with the other person because you assume that things are going to last a long, long time. When most people tend to look back on their past failed relationships, they can usually learn a lot about and from them.

7 Things To Work Out Before You Get Married

Marriage is a big step and can be harder than you think. Even if you have been in a relationship for a long time, marriage will make a difference. Definitely for the better but if you go into it blindly then you are bound to expect some disappointments in the process. So take off your rose-tinted glasses and adopt a more practical approach. There are going to be some big changes in your life and you should be adequately prepared to deal with them. Make a list of all the things that are important to you both and what could be issues later on. Unless you have a mutual understanding about these things, there could be nasty surprises in store for you.