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7 Signs You Are Ready To Move In Together

Every relationship is a journey, which means it is going somewhere. It could be marriage, break up or it could mean moving in together. It’s strange that a concept that was considered taboo even a few decades ago has become so popular today. For modern men and women, this is a great step to take. It is kind of a testing ground to see if a long term commitment like marriage can work. If not, you are both better off with least hassles in the process. Here are a few signs that will tell you whether you are ready to move in together.

What Not To Do When A Man Cries

Whoever said that a man does not cry is reading the wrong book of rules. Men cry, maybe not as often as we do but they have tears to shed too. Just because they have a different set of hormones it’s stupid to expect them to be macho all the time. Tears are a form of releasing extreme stress and if its works for you, it will work for them too. So here are a few things you absolutely must not do if you find your man crying, nor any man for that matter.

The Worst Relationship Mindsets To Have

Wonder why there are so many therapy sessions dedicated to just mending relationships? – Because they are hard. It is human nature to be love and be in a relationship though the meaning and definitions have changed over the years. They also differ in concept from one person to the other, but the bottom line has remained the same, partnering is in our DNA. Maybe that’s why the Amazonians didn’t last nor do the loners make the majority of our population. So why do we face so many problems when we are in a relationship?

8 Tips To Make You Boyfriend more Romantic

If romance wasn’t such a big deal none of us would be so preoccupied with it. It has always been, since our cave days and even though we sometimes forget how important it is for a relationship. Especially at present times when we are more concerned about career than commitment, we tend to ignore the little yearnings. But even the hardcore CEO can be a little romantic at heart and every woman cherishes those little gestures that make them feel special. But they might run into a roadblock when it comes to receiving these gestures from the significant other. Men can be clueless at times even though they are completely dedicated and love you to bits.

What To Do If You Don’t Like Your Boyfriend’s Family or Friends

If you don’t you are not alone. In-laws have been a dreaded term for centuries. Though we have no chronicles of it, am sure even the cavemen had major kitchen politics going on, albeit over the fire instead of the dinner table! So don’t worry about it or beat yourself up too much. Look at it this way, if they were all polite and accepting things would have been so dull. So this is just a little drama to spice up things that’s all. Now that’s just me talking because I don’t believe that other people can dictate my happiness. But if you have really landed with a monster-in-law then maybe you really do need help. Whether it’s an overprotective mom, boorish dad, creepy uncle or nasty siblings, they shouldn’t overshadow your relationship.

6 Rules of Fair Compromise in a Relationship

Marriage is not easy. No matter what big dreams you may had when you were young or how practical you thought yourself to be, there are bound to be disappointments and heartaches. At times these are too harsh to adjust to but those are extreme circumstances. The course of everyday life you will realize that communication and compromise make the bulwark of a strong relationship. That being said there are some rules attached to these aspects, the compromise cannot be from one party while the other takes advantage forever. You cannot expect things to be right or go as they are without some positive changes.

5 Times Wives Are Always Right

What makes a good marriage, great mutual understanding or great compromise? Probably a bit of both and this is interspersed with all those fights that can quite liven up things. But there are times when things can come right down to who’s right and who is acting like an idiot. Some things are sacrosanct and neither gender will bend but for others, it is probably safe to say that the female of the species is wiser. If you don’t believe me take a look at these instances where the wives are always right.

6 Things To Remember If You Want To Keep Your Marriage Hot

When you comes across a couple who have been together for 50 years you feel amazed. You think of your grandparents and wonder how they did it. Marriage is the most wonderful experience and yet can be so hard to maintain at times. The initial days are rose tinted for most of us but as we grow older and the practicalities take over, romance tends to take a backseat. Very soon we are burdened with responsibilities and are sniping at each other all the time because it is all so overwhelming. Now fights and arguments are what make a marriage normal otherwise you will be residing in a dead zone!

5 Little-Known Benefits Of Long-Distance Love

In this age of globalization long distance relationships have become quite a norm. People who balked at the idea even a few years ago have accepted the fact, while millennials take in their stride all the time. The distance is also quite a large one for it’s no more just a job in another city; it could very well be a three year stint in another country. You may not be able to take off for the weekend as easily which means longer separations. It is not just about time and distance but a lot of money as well which, let’s face it, can be hard to shell out all the time. So will your relationship last in face of such challenges?

3 Things Our Boyfriends Say That Are So Annoying It’s Almost Cute

Relationships are hard and finding that right person is even harder. They say you have to kiss to a lot of toads before you get to the prince. Well, don’t expect the prince to be perfect. He is going to do and say things that will seriously rile you up and you will probably feel like smacking him on the head most of the time. But that doesn’t make him a bad person, just a man! You have to give him that leeway. Don’t judge a man by the great books you read or the movies that turn you into a marshmallow inside. That’s not reality. This imperfect man, who loves you, is.

3 Things Lasting Relationships Have In Common

Most of us think that love is enough to make a relationship last. Well. for starters the definition of love differs for each of us. When we are attracted to someone we have a physical compatibility merged with a mental connect that takes it to the next level. Having either one is not enough to have a successful relationship. At the same time, sex, love or money, things that are so important when we are young, aren’t enough to make a relationship work. When you see a couple who have been together for decades you will notice that it is the little things in them that signified their deep love and affection. Long after their sex lives have paced down to a slow cadence they are a still a symbol of what lasting relationships should be.