8 Tips To Make You Boyfriend more Romantic

8 Tips To Make You Boyfriend more Romantic

If romance wasn’t such a big deal none of us would be so preoccupied with it. It has always been, since our cave days and even though we sometimes forget how important it is for a relationship. Especially at present times when we are more concerned about career than commitment, we tend to ignore the little yearnings. But even the hardcore CEO can be a little romantic at heart and every woman cherishes those little gestures that make them feel special. But they might run into a roadblock when it comes to receiving these gestures from the significant other. Men can be clueless at times even though they are completely dedicated and love you to bits.

Well, no use sulking and complaining for he is not going to learn anything from all that. Instead, he is going to chalk it all up as PMS which will infuriate you more. So be sensible and try out these few tips to make your boyfriend more romantic. Remember, you are not trying to change him but just nudge him a little so that he sits up and takes notice.

Importance of being romantic – Make sure he knows how important romance is to you. Left to himself he will be happy to see you partner him in sweats and a can of beer on Saturday night. You have to show him what a romantic date is all about and how much you love it. If he loves you he will go along just to see that smile on your face.


Be romantic yourself


If you are an incurable romantic some of it is bound to rub off him. Your little deeds of romance will touch his heart and also give him some pointers. He will also begin to appreciate how these gestures changes the nuances of a relationship and bring you closer.


Touch and feel


You don’t have to make a strategic move every time. Instead bring in more spontaneity in your relationship and encourage your boyfriend to be the same. A light touch on the back when you are passing him or a small kiss on the nose is all what it takes to kindle the flames of love during an otherwise mundane day.


Do what he likes


Sometimes, giving in is the best way to show your love. Plan a day or an evening doing things that you know he loves to do. It could be anything from playing pool, bowling, watching college football in your PJs or camping. Even if you hate it, the fact that you are making such an effort for him will warm his heart.


Do what you like


Now it’s turn to make sure he does what you like. So maybe he will not like to spend the whole day in the spa but he might just tag along while you go shopping. A cozy candlelight dinner in a plush restaurant or opting for chick flick might just be his idea to cozy up with you and spend some quality time in each other’s presence.


Reward for romance


None of us are mind readers so make sure you appreciate every little gesture he makes for you, the same way you made sure he knows what you want and like. He is also learning here so your way of showing appreciation will let him know what he’s doing right. Reward him with a hug, kiss, a great meal or great sex but make sure you do.


A big hug after a me-time


Every relationship needs space and so do the individuals in it. When you go away with your girl friends for the weekend make sure come back and give him a mighty big hug. This will tell him how much you missed him while you were away. Making it an even bigger one when he comes from a camping trip with his buddies will show him you love him, instead of sulking for leaving you behind for the weekend.


Be loving all the time


Love doesn’t come with time limits or strategies but most of tend to forget that. It’s as if you are waiting for things to go wrong and the moment they do you berate yourself or shout at him, instead of repairing the damage. Learn to love without expectations so that the disappointments are less. Teach him gently about romance but try not to put him down for being too pragmatic. He does love you in his own way.


Written by Bambi Majumdar.

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