7 Things Worth Doing on February 14

7  Things Worth Doing on February 14

Valentine’s day. That magical day in the year when love is in the air and everything looks wonderful. When you are in a wonderful relationship or married to the love of your life, this days takes in even greater significance. You are celebrating love so don’t hesitate to go all out and show your love to the world. Make it a special day and show your partner how much you adore and appreciate him or her. No gesture is too small or big as long as you are comfortable and your partner happy. When you see a smile on his/her face you will know that it was all worth it.


#1 – Make it a date 


It is a special day so don’t treat it like any other mundane day. Make it a special date, which could be anything from an interesting date night at a plush restaurant to silly day spent playing mini-golf together. The important thing is to make it special and be together on this day.


#2– Buy a gift


This is a day for giving and receiving, though not in the same spirit as the holidays. Invest in flowers or perfume for your girlfriend if you know what she like more. As a girl you can go from choosing the latest in men’s fashion to buying that latest fishing rod he was eying in the store other day.


#3 – Surprise your partner


As I mentioned earlier, this is a special day so don’t treat it like any other. Surprise your partner so that when he or she walks in that door they will have big grin on their faces. It can be a hard to get concert ticket or dinner reservations at an upscale restaurant, anything that changes the mood right away.


#4 – Plan a cozy eat-in 


If you are both into cozier and intimate moments rather than going out in public then plan a cozy dinner in. Whoever cooks best can take up that duty while the other sets the table and the atmosphere. Or opt for a takeaway and then cozy up on the couch before the fire. The fact that you are celebrating love cocooned away from the world can be a heady feeling by itself.


#5 – Buy a sexy lingerie 


If there was any day to splurge on sexy lingerie, this is it. When you plan for special Valentine’s night sex you must have the right accessories to make it special. A quick trip to the mall and you are all set. When you see how his eyes light up when he sees you in all your sexy splendor, you will thank yourself for indulging.


#6 – Indulge in chocolates 


Now that we are talking about indulgences, you have to consider the biggest of them all – chocolates. They have been a long standing tradition for February 14th and no celebration is complete without them. Make sure you have a box or two ready, whether you buy them as gifts for your partner or receive from him. They will be an aphrodisiac for the special night ahead.


#7 – Pop that champagne 


Nope ordinary wine won’t cut it when the rest of Valentine Day plans are spectacular. Opt for wine and it’s like any other Friday night, Opt for champagne and you are immediately in the celebratory mode. Your love is special and so is your partner. Choose a beverage that gets this point across.

Remember, it’s these little gestures that will reveal how much you appreciate and treasure your relationship.


Written by Bambi Majumdar.

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