6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hide Your Phone In A Relationship

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hide Your Phone In A Relationship

There are many things that you shouldn’t do in a relationship and these rules keep changing. Times have changed and electronic devices have taken an enormous amount of importance in our lives. It is understandable because we live in an age of technology and communication revolution. But the hold that these devices have on us should be allowed to a certain extent. For if we let them these will devour us. More so in a relationship, where you should be giving your partner time and attention instead of immersing yourself in the phone. And the worst thing you can do is hide the phone from your partner. That’s probably the ultimate disaster you have courted.

Still don’t get it? Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t hide your phone in a relationship:


#1 – Breaks trust 


This is the ultimate trust breaker. Every time you hide your phone and furtively look at it gives out the wrong signals. You may be constantly checking mails from work but the way you do makes your partner think that you are up to no good.


#2 – Makes your partner insecure 


When you make your partner suspicious he or she will be hurt and become terribly insecure as well. These are absolute death nails for any relationship and when you realize that you have brought these upon yourself for no reason you will have bitter regrets.


#3 – Brings in unnecessary problems


Issues like these eventually lead to bad fights and name calling. Every time you give your phone more importance you undermine your partner’s importance in your life. This is plain disrespectful and you only have yourself to blame. By not paying attention and then hiding your calls and texts you are giving out the message that you’d rather be out of the relationship.


#4 – Makes you look bad


Ultimately, this just makes you look bad whether you realize it or not. You are not just showing bad behavior but bad breeding as well. If you expect that your partner will continue to like and respect you after all this, you are sadly mistaken my friend. You need to make the wiser choice here.


#5 – You are creating separate realities


If you are actually so obsessed with your phone then you have probably created separate realities in which you live. In this case, your social life and work have become that other reality via your phone to which you seem attached all the time. By hiding your actions, you are giving out the impression that your partner doesn’t deserve a place in that reality.


#6 – End a happy relationship


You are stubbornly hanging onto a destructive behavior that will ruin not just this relationship you are in, but all you chances for happiness. Instead of behaving like spoilt child act your age and cut the phone out. Remember, it is not a part of you, just a tool that you need at times. So grow up and stop playing with your toys. Instead, focus on the flesh and blood person sitting right in front you. If you do have to respond to a text or call, don’t hide it. Tell your partner who it is, send a quick reply and then carry on spending time with your loved one.


Written by Bambi Majumdar.

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