5 Times Wives Are Always Right

5 Times Wives Are Always Right

What makes a good marriage, great mutual understanding or great compromise? Probably a bit of both and this is interspersed with all those fights that can quite liven up things. But there are times when things can come right down to who’s right and who is acting like an idiot. Some things are sacrosanct and neither gender will bend but for others, it is probably safe to say that the female of the species is wiser. If you don’t believe me take a look at these instances where the wives are always right.


#1 – Your husband thinks he is always right


Yeah well, this is a universal conundrum faced by every marriage. He is the man and he knows best. It doesn’t matter if you have more degrees and earn more than him, he still knows better. He is born worldly-wise you see, so it is his job to guide his wife in every decision that she makes. Break the news to him gently, we are really in the 21st century.


#2 – You can go visiting empty handed 


Men rarely want to spend when they don’t see the need. If someone has invited us over for dinner and without any particular occasion in mind, it is okay not to take a gift. Now there is a vast deal of difference between, say a birthday present and a token of appreciation, like a bottle of wine. Try telling him that and he will yell so hard that you won’t feel like going at all. Keep extra bottles handy for such occasions! You don’t want to look like cheapskate even if he doesn’t care!


#3 – He is still young 


Men don’t grow old. Don’t you see how actors keep getting casted against debutant actresses while older actresses have to either to character roles or retire. Husbands take deep inspiration from this and strut about feeling young and handsome most of the time. I think if you confront them with the truth they might have a heart attack so maybe you can just ignore this bit instead of having to deal with their midlife crisis drama.


#4 – He is not ill, he’s dying 


It doesn’t matter if it’s a cold or case of flu, they have never had it so bad. They feel as if they are dying and if you think otherwise they are hurt and devastated, and promptly start missing their mommies. It doesn’t matter that you were down with the same flu the week before but managed to pop pills, get up and do the housework, cook and feed everyone. You even got back to work as soon as you could without complaints. Hmm, maybe resilience is overrated.


#5 – Trash is big deal


You are in charge of every bit of housework, from cooking to cleaning all day. You have to get everything sorted and in place after putting in a hard day at work too. All you have asked for is that he takes out the trash while you clean up the kitchen after dinner. Look at his expression and you will feel that asking him to miss five minutes of the ballgame is the ultimate offense. Taking the trash out means doing all the housework, didn’t you know woman?!


Written by Bambi Majumdar.

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