5 Things Young Guys Find Sexy About Older Women

5 Things Young Guys Find Sexy About Older Women

It’s the teenage fantasy: hooking up with the teacher, the friend’s mother, or that single older woman down the street. That doesn’t seem to change all that much when guys get older, become ‘adults,’ and even well into their 30s and 40s.

Not every guy is going to be looking for older women, but a lot of them do, and there are some good reasons for this. Here are 5 things guys find sexy about older women (and that just might give younger women some clues about how to land the man of their dreams, whether he’s younger, older, or about the same age).




As people get older, one thing becomes clear: confidence increases. If you’ve ever paid attention to men and women as they move out of their 30s and into their 40s and 50s is that they become much more confident, about life and themselves.


That is sexy


Experience. Women become more experienced in life as they get older. They say the older a person is, the wiser they become. That’s true because as smart as people in their teens and 20s think they are, they have very little real life experience.

Women who learn great sex moves from porn of Cosmopolitan really have no clue. They will, though, when they get older, lose some inhibitions, and just let go and have fun.




Older women are not bound by their expectations about men. When you’re in your 20s or 30s and dating, you’re thinking marriage, kids, a house, etc. When you’re 50, you already lived that life.

Older women don’t have the same expectations about their potential partners, so there’s a lot less pressure to find someone with such-and-such job or income, paternal potential, or the like. It’s great for guys who don’t have any of these ambitions, either.




Older women, because of their experience, are much more realistic when it comes to how the world works. They don’t hold their potential partner up against unrealistic expectations.

They don’t sit around and watch dramas or reality TV and wonder why their date doesn’t do the things those actors do. Hey, people … it’s fiction, those films and TV shows. It’s designed to make women long for the fantasy.

And many younger women buy into that fantasy as being a potential reality. Older women have already been down that trail and know it’s not the case.


They’re looking younger now


Thanks to a wealth of products on the market designed to reduce the effects of aging, women are looking younger than ever today. So you could end up dating a woman in her 50s and she might look as though she’s still in her 30s.

Of course, depending on how long this relationship goes on for, eventually time may catch up with her, but if you see women like Christie Brinkley or Demi Moore, you realize they can look incredible well into their 60s as well.

Younger guys find older women more attractive today for many reasons, and these tend to be the top 5.


Written by G. T. Hedlund

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