5 Secret Places To Meet Good Men

5 Secret Places To Meet Good Men

Meeting someone nice, strong, confident, successful, and fun to be around can seem like the impossible challenge. You’ve been to the bars. You’ve done the night club scene. Heck, you’ve even gone to those 5-minute date challenges. Still you go home at night alone to an empty apartment with no prospects, no dates on the horizon, and every single guy you seem to meet is a complete fool.

Sure, some of them were hot and they were fun for about 5 minutes, until he opened his mouth and you realized how vacant or shallow or self-centered he is. Suddenly you found yourself looking to your watch every minute waiting for the date to end.

So where can you find good men? First, let’s define what a ‘good’ man is.

Everyone has a different idea about what ‘good’ means in a potential partner or date. Who would have thought Sandra Bullock would have gone for the biker type, or the four-time criminal next? Hey, to each their own, right?

But a ‘good’ man should be someone intelligent, who can carry a conversation without it turning to football, baseball, or basketball every few words. He should be confident. There’s a big difference between confidence and arrogance. You can go after the arrogant ones if you like, but if you think you’re going to change him, think again.

A good man should be stable, financially responsible, kind, thoughtful, and of course, strong.

So where can you meet this mysterious man who probably doesn’t exist? Oh, he exists and here are 5 secret places you might not have though to try.


The bookstore.


How many times have you gone into a Barnes and Noble or some other bookstore and seen a bunch of great looking guys just sitting by the magazine rack or in one of those plush, comfortable chairs reading a book? Probably quite a bit.

Why not strike up a conversation and ask what he’s reading? It’s not a library, you know … talking is permitted.


A café.


Just like with those bookstores, you can actually meet some great guys in a local café, like Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks. You might need to spend a bit of time there just observing the different men who come in and order something, sit and work on their laptops, or just twiddle around on their phones, but eventually you’ll strike up a good conversation with a friendly guy.


The gym.


A local gym can certainly be filled with too much testosterone, but you can find some interesting men working out here. Try to avoid the free weights section because that’s where this male hormone kicks into overdrive.


Blood drives.


You read that right. Get down to your local blood drive, give some blood, and hang out afterward. You could end up meeting a nice, single phlebotomist or someone else who enjoys doing something nice for strangers.




Yes, you can truly meet someone nice online. You just have to know where to look. Focus on dating sites that have lengthy questionnaires. This helps to weed out bots and dopes and you can learn a great deal about a guy before you even spend a moment listening to him talk.

Try these places and you might be surprised by the incredible selection of dates you end up getting.


Written by G. T. Hedlund

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