5 Relationship Red Flags You’re Probably Ignoring

5 Relationship Red Flags You’re Probably Ignoring

Red flags are generally warnings. They could be found at the beach or a marina and they will tell swimmers and boaters about certain risks that are evident. People can pay attention to them when they want, or they can ignore them at their own peril.

When you’re in a relationship, you’re going to find there are numerous red flags that can fly high and proud. If you’re not paying attention to them (or you choose to ignore them) you could find yourself on the wrong end of an ending to the relationship.

No one wants a relationship to end when they first start dating. That’s not the point. While you might not have direct aspirations for this to turn into something permanent, you don’t go into it hoping it’ll end by your first year anniversary, second, fifth, or so on.

However, there are plenty of red flags that could be flying high, warning you of potential storms that will swell in the not-so-distant future. When you’re caught up in the novelty of a relationship, the newness and excitement, it’s easy to ignore these red flags.

When you’re well into a relationship, though, ignoring them could be the result of not wanting to see them and admit that there’s trouble brewing. No matter why you may be inclined to ignore relationship red flags, here are some of the more common ones you might be ignoring even as you read this.




If you compared men and women in their early twenties today to those from 50 years ago, you’d see a stark contrast. Today’s young adults are immature beyond belief. They often have little responsibility or concept of reality.

When you get involved with someone who is immature, they’re also likely irresponsible and unpredictable. Do you really want that for your relationship?


No trust.


If you can’t trust your partner, you have a relationship based on a lie. Maybe it’s based on looks, sex, or something else superficial. No matter how good you think you are at changing people for the better, it never works out in a relationship. If you can’t trust him, dump him. Or seek counseling to figure out why (because, to be honest, it may be something that happened to you in the past).


Most of your friends and family don’t like her.


Your friends and family usually have your best interest at heart. While most of them will not stand in the way of your relationship, when there’s a consensus and none of them really like this person, it’s time to pay attention. Eventually you’ll probably be telling them how sorry you are that you didn’t listen.


They’re controlling.


Some people love to be in control. They love power. And they almost always focus on dominating the weaker people. More often than not, this is a man controlling a woman with physical imposition, but it can also be the other way around (emotional manipulation). If you notice your partner trying to take control of every situation, then it’s a red flag you should pay attention to.




When insecurity enters a relationship, it’s going to smother one partner. You might think you can handle that and help your partner overcome it, but more often than not this places too much pressure on the relationship and can cause it to buckle.

These red flags are warnings. Ignore them at your own (future) peril.


Written by G. T. Hedlund

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