5 Reasons Your Guy Won’t Propose

5 Reasons Your Guy Won’t Propose

You’ve been dating this guy for over 2 years. During those first months everything was awesome. You couldn’t get enough talking to him on the phone, couldn’t wait for the next date, the next time you could see him, and you drove your girlfriends absolutely crazy talking about him.

Then you took the next logical step in modern relationships: you moved in together. Now you’ve been laying plenty of hints along the way about marriage, starting a family, and getting ‘serious’ about your life. Still, he hasn’t taken the bait and proposed.

It’s getting frustrating and you’re beginning to wonder if he ever will. Before you two become heavily invested in this relationship, you never brought up the topic of marriage. Or maybe you did and all either of you said was that ‘someday, down the road’ you want to get married.

But that ‘someday’ has long since passed for you and you’re ready to make this a permanent thing. Still he won’t pop that magical question. Now what do you do?

You may need to understand some of the potential reasons he’s not gung ho to ask. Here are 5 potential reasons this could very well be the case.


He already feels married.


To you, living together was the next logical step. It allowed you both to determine whether or not you were compatible. You got a chance to see him lounging around in his boxers, or less, and that didn’t turn you off. You got used to picking up his dirty drawers or scolding him for not doing something.

Sounds like marriage to me and it probably feels that way to him. Since he already feels married, what would be the point of actually going through the legal ceremony? What’s he going to gain?


He’s already got you.


Men are hunters. They love the pursuit. Now that he’s caught you and knows you’re not going anywhere, what other thrill could there be for him in this? Sure, he loves you and wants to spend his life with you, but marriage to today’s man isn’t like it was 50 years ago.

He doesn’t need to get married to get laid.


He doesn’t care to take things to another level.


Women always talk about taking things to ‘next level.’ Guys just talk about getting into bed and having sex. You moved in together so again, there’s no need for him to go out of his way to take things any further.

If you’re thinking about making things ‘official,’ why? Is it because you’re traditional? Because you want some assurance he can’t just disappear on you? Because you want kids? You better sit down and talk to him about those things now before too much time gets away from you.


It’s a fact that couples who live together are less likely to get hitched.


Why? It’s probably a combination of things we already mentioned. It’s just a statistical fact. Maybe if you moved out he would be pressed to ask you to marry him. Just a thought.


He’s not too happy with the relationship.


When people live together, they get to know one another to their core. That’s not always a good thing. They say it takes about 2 years to truly get to know someone when you’re dating. Maybe he’s not happy with you and hasn’t told you yet.

Maybe it’s time to talk more seriously about the relationship and where things are going between you two. You may be in love but he might be going in the other direction.


Written by G. T. Hedlund

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