40 and Single? Maybe You’re Telling Yourself These 6 Lies

40 and Single? Maybe You’re Telling Yourself These 6 Lies

If you are 40 and still single, then either you really like being single or you are doing something wrong. It could very well be the latter but that doesn’t mean you are doing something heinous and needs to be flogged for it. You are probably just lying to yourself and so well that you have begun to live these lies. You are not alone in this for scores of single women everywhere are in the same dilemma. Don’t believe me? Well, all you have to do take a look at the list below. You may be surprised to find some of the lies you have been telling yourself.


#1 – All the good guys are taken 


No they are not. God makes them with the same frequency that they make us, so there are enough of them! Don’t judge all men by your past experiences because when make mistakes when we are young. Unless you let go and put yourself out there a bit, the perfect guy may not even know that you exist. Believe in positive things and they are bound to happen to you.


#2 – Girlfriends are better


No they are not. They are a part of your life but cannot replace the love of your life. Besides, who said they are going to wait up with you and stay single forever. If you go on believing that you will have great girl times for a lifetime you are in a for rude shock. One find day you will wake up to see them all married, living the perfect American life and you will be the one getting bored amidst all that baby talk.


#3 – I need to focus on my career


Yes you do need to focus on your career but haven’t you been doing that for almost two decades now? You are a smart and successful woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t need to depend on anyone, why should juggling a relationship with your career be impossible? When you know your mind and thrive on challenges, getting involved should be right up your alley.


#4 – Men can’t be trusted 


Yes they can be. Not all men are jerks though we do come across an unfortunate number of them in our daily lives. But that’s what makes the real one stand apart, don’t you see? The jerks have been specially made to make it easy for us to identify the good ones. I know it sounds funny but the reality is that most men are decent, like you or me. They are shy too so you need to meet them halfway. Once committed these are the men who will be devoted to you forever.


#5 – Don’t need to commit to have sex 


Well, that could work only to a certain extent and may be till a certain age. Unless you are the ultimate Samantha Jones ( Sex and the City), you will probably want your sexual activities to mean something. While women generally don’t like sleep with someone they don’t like or respect, or feel something, its true for men too. Many can play the field but more people like to settle down instead of flitting from one-night stand to the other.


#6 – Am too good for him 


It’s good to be self-confident but don’t do it to a point of narcissism. While the former is an admirable trait the latter can be downright annoying. If you feel that you are better off than all the men out there then you are probably better off staying single. That way you will have lesser chances to offend people and disrespect yourself in the process. Yes, there may be men you just cannot respect but don’t judge the entire race by them. Be more selective about who you date and you may be pleasantly surprised with your next choice.


Written by Bambi Majumdar.

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