4 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women

4 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women

It might be tough for some women to even think that men are trained to hate them, but when you realize the way roles are defined, how movies portray women and relationships, and more, you can easily recognize some of those same perceptions within yourself.

If you’re a woman, it’s good to know some of these things because then that might explain certain behaviors coming from guys you’ve been dating. Then again, it might just open the door to some other revelations in life.

Here are 4 ways men today are being trained to hate women.


We learn early on that women aren’t supposed to be so much work.


Dating is tough. Finding someone with whom you’re compatible can feel overwhelming. We were taught in childhood that going to ask a girl out is easy. What’s the worse she could say?

Well, she could laugh. She could ignore you. She could go totally ballistic on you when you don’t return her 25 calls that day. Yeah, nothing much to really hate there.

Seriously, though, it’s not that men are actually trained to hate women; it’s just that expectations and the behaviors of far too many desperate or unstable women have painted an unappealing ideal for women in general, and it sticks with a lot of guys.


We’ve been taught that ‘hot’ is what matters.


Maybe not by mom or your sister, but by society in general. Every time you turn on the TV or go to the movies you’re seeing a world of sexy, scantily clad women who fall over the guy who has his sights on her.

That has created a culture in which women are not much more than sex objects, even if they do work in a nuclear power plant, can take down an enemy fighter, or swim laps around the competition. When guys get out and begin sampling real women, some of them can become resentful of reality.


Because women don’t realize how much they affect us.


We could be at the library trying to study for the most important exam in our life, totally freaked out about it, and here comes a woman in a tight form fitting dress who turns every single head in the building.

Now something is coming to attention, and fast, and it’s not our focus on the books. If you’ve ever needed to do something so badly that you knew your life would never be the same if you weren’t successful, then try to imagine someone coming along and distracting you to the point of failure.

Women know what they’re doing, and men hate them for those moments.


Modern women stealing away our identity.


Throughout history, men in most cultures have been the hunters, the fighters, the protectors. Modern American women can’t stand that. They want to be just as strong, just as protective just as capable of doing anything and everything men can.

Give me a break. Yes, women are smart. They can be just as ruthless in business and shrewd in relationships, but they are not as physically strong or capable as men. Yet society wants to put them on that pedestal.

And we wonder why more men hate modern women.


Written by G. T. Hedlund

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