3 Very Clear Signs Your Guy Wants You To Lose Few Pounds

3 Very Clear Signs Your Guy Wants You To Lose Few Pounds

When you first started dating, things were awesome. You two clicked right away, had a lot in common, laughed all the time, and were energetic. He didn’t complain about any of your physical issues (you know, the ones you’re constantly focusing too much attention on in private, even though you look amazing), but as the months march on, you might be picking up on some hints that maybe he wants you to lose a few pounds.

You know you’ve got a bit of extra weight you’re carrying around, and while you tend to turn off the lights in the bedroom, men are visual creatures; they want to see you in your glorious nakedness.

Your guy might just want to see slightly less of you in those situations. So how do you know if he really wants you to lose some weight or if it’s just part of your imagination?

Here are 3 clear signs you might want to pay attention to. If he’s doing any of these, odds are it’s his own subtle (and cowardly, though polite) way of telling you you’re gaining too much weight.


Sign #1: He signed you both up for gym memberships.


What better way to inspire healthy living for your partner than also signing her up to get in shape? Maybe you two once talked about working out together but it never really materialized. Well now it has.

Even if he didn’t actually get you a gym membership, if he starts talking about how cool it would be for the two of you to work out together, then it’s his way of telling you exercise is needed to shed those extra pounds you’re now carrying around.


Sign #2: The food he eats now is much different.


When you started dating he used to order a super bacon double cheeseburger with all the fixings, fries with gravy, and so on. Now he’s ordering salads, smaller portions, and it’s starting to make you feel like a big, stuffed pig when you keep gorging on your favorite meals.

He’s trying to get you to follow suit. Research has shown that when one person eats healthy, their partner begins to follow suit. Is this fat shaming? Not really; it’s more likely that he realizes he wants you to be healthy (both of you) for a long time. Isn’t that a great sign of true love?


Sign #3: He’s pointing out the eating or exercise habits of other women.


He could also be pointing out how great some women look in certain clothing. He’s trying to draw your attention to what other women look like so that you hopefully get the hint that he’s not happy with the way you’re looking now.

Maybe you two have developed a habit through the years of looking at other men and women and commenting on their appearance, dress, or habits, but if this is something new with him, it’s time to investigate a bit further.

If you know you’ve packed on a few extra pounds during the past year or so, you may already be self-conscious and not overly thrilled with the way you look. If your guy is making comments, he could be trying to get you to realize he wants you to lose ‘em.


Written by G. T. Hedlund

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