3 Things Our Boyfriends Say That Are So Annoying It’s Almost Cute

3 Things Our Boyfriends Say That Are So Annoying It’s Almost Cute

Relationships are hard and finding that right person is even harder. They say you have to kiss to a lot of toads before you get to the prince. Well, don’t expect the prince to be perfect. He is going to do and say things that will seriously rile you up and you will probably feel like smacking him on the head most of the time. But that doesn’t make him a bad person, just a man! You have to give him that leeway. Don’t judge a man by the great books you read or the movies that turn you into a marshmallow inside. That’s not reality. This imperfect man, who loves you, is.

It’s just that sometimes he can say things that can are so annoying that you will instantly feel your temper shoot right up. But at times, these are also so cute that you might just want to reconsider the murder scenario. Here are a few examples.


#1 – You’re smarter than you look – Hmm.


Wonder what they were expecting, right?! Is it like the universal opinion that the female of the species will be mentally less incompetent or is it just this guy? Don’t worry, it is definitely the former. Even that man who claims to be intellectual wizard and proclaim in the equality of sexes is a closet bigot who knows he is better than everyone else, especially women. He likes to talk big in their presence and wow them with his wisdom and charm them with his soft acquiescence to a woman’s brain. Believe me, the man you have beside you is hundred times better. He is not pretending. Yes, he is clueless and his big foot will probably be in his mouth more often than not, but he is the real thing. When he makes comments like these, he really admires your intelligence. Just doesn’t know the right words to put it all in.


#2 – There’s beauty in your imperfections.


The first thing that will hit you is the word ‘imperfections’. Yeah, it’s annoying! You can’t have anyone say that about you, no matter what. If you feel a rage coming in feel free to whack him. But then you notice the other word he mentioned but didn’t register because you were working up a rage big time. He thinks you are beautiful and he thinks so despite the fact that you are not a beauty queen. You know it in your heart, all you have to do is acknowledge it. The stubborn freckles that you have always hated, the crooked nose or eyes close to each other, the curvy figure, there are numerous things that we hate about ourselves. When your boyfriend says something silly like this you know that these imperfections do not matter anymore. Of course, that doesn’t mean you let him off easy for using the ‘I’ word!


#3 –I love your free spirit!


You just wear whatever you want, and you don’t care what anybody thinks! – Hmm, does that mean he thinks you don’t dress well? Does he think you are dowdy and boring, or worse embarrassing? You know, if you are really not dead set in being a fashionista, you shouldn’t worry about his comment too much. Chances are he really likes the fact that you like to dress casually and don’t spend hours primping in the front of the mirror. If you are that kind of a person then you probably wouldn’t be attracted to the GQ kinds though stranger things have been known to happen. Your boyfriend I probably super relieved that is with someone who likes comfort over fashion and doesn’t expect him to dress up all the time either.


Written by Bambi Majumdar.

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