3 Things Lasting Relationships Have In Common

3 Things Lasting Relationships Have In Common

Most of us think that love is enough to make a relationship last. Well. for starters the definition of love differs for each of us. When we are attracted to someone we have a physical compatibility merged with a mental connect that takes it to the next level. Having either one is not enough to have a successful relationship. At the same time, sex, love or money, things that are so important when we are young, aren’t enough to make a relationship work. When you see a couple who have been together for decades you will notice that it is the little things in them that signified their deep love and affection. Long after their sex lives have paced down to a slow cadence they are a still a symbol of what lasting relationships should be.

If you are wondering what secret they hold in their hearts, don’t fret. All these successful partnerships have three very simple things in common. Take a look and you will understand.


#1 – Trust


This is one of the most important elements that make up the solid foundation for a relationship. Without trust you can never be truly happy or be completely at ease with your partner. If you are constantly wondering what he is up to then you are either expecting him to disappoint you or you know that he is out their cheating on you. In each case, you are under the disillusion that your relationship will work. This kind of a negative attitude is the first indication of trouble and you will just have to move on if your fears are found true. But if they are not and you are simply speculating or being overly possessive you need to step back and assess your own attitude. This time it may be your behavior that causes permanent damage.


#2 – Kindness – Be kind.


It is as important for the rest of the world as it is for your relationship. While there is no reason to put up with rudeness or meanness, there is no reason for bad behavior either. Remember, it takes little to be polite and be kind and in return you can get a lifetime of good behavior as well. No one wants to hang out with a mean person and when you are in relationship your nasty attitude may make the other person feel totally trapped. When you are constantly berating or putting the other person down, you are not just disrespecting them, you are abusing them, emotionally. Don’t expect love to stay on or your partner to stick around when you have absolutely no appreciation for them.


#3 – Commitment


When you see a successful couple you will notice that the thing that stands out most is their commitment and regard for each other. They put themselves first and then the world. No matter how close they are to their families and what great friends they have, their first priority is each other. Every decision that they make is after due discussion and taking in each other’s opinion. Unless you have such excellent channels of communication open you cannot expect a relationship to thrive. If you go on taking decisions all by yourself and expect your partner to simply fall in line, you are being selfish. Remember, selfish people are never happy and most of the time lonely.


Written by Bambi Majumdar.

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