40 and Single? Maybe You’re Telling Yourself These 6 Lies

If you are 40 and still single, then either you really like being single or you are doing something wrong. It could very well be the latter but that doesn’t mean you are doing something heinous and needs to be flogged for it. You are probably just lying to yourself and so well that you have begun to live these lies. You are not alone in this for scores of single women everywhere are in the same dilemma. Don’t believe me? Well, all you have to do take a look at the list below. You may be surprised to find some of the lies you have been telling yourself.

4 Ways To Keep Breakup Anger From Eating Away At You

You didn’t expect this. No way, nuh-uh, no how. When you started dating Mr. Perfect, things were supposed to go on forever, right until the end of your life. Now you just got home and saw the text message he sent while you were heading back from work. ‘Sorry, babe. I can’t do this anymore. Be good.’

5 Secret Places To Meet Good Men

Meeting someone nice, strong, confident, successful, and fun to be around can seem like the impossible challenge. You’ve been to the bars. You’ve done the night club scene. Heck, you’ve even gone to those 5-minute date challenges. Still you go home at night alone to an empty apartment with no prospects, no dates on the horizon, and every single guy you seem to meet is a complete fool.

4 Must-Know Flirting Techniques That NO Man Can Resist

Flirting can be an art. It doesn’t have to be, but it can be. For every woman out there who has mastered the art of flirting, though, there are probably 10 others who have no clue how to do this. Some woman do these things without even realizing it; it’s natural, something they don’t have to think about.

7 Signs You Are Ready To Move In Together

Every relationship is a journey, which means it is going somewhere. It could be marriage, break up or it could mean moving in together. It’s strange that a concept that was considered taboo even a few decades ago has become so popular today. For modern men and women, this is a great step to take. It is kind of a testing ground to see if a long term commitment like marriage can work. If not, you are both better off with least hassles in the process. Here are a few signs that will tell you whether you are ready to move in together.

8 Things All Singles DESPERATELY Want Their Married Friends To Know

Being single isn’t always a choice for some people. For others, they wouldn’t want their life any other way. Being friends can be great, but what happens when those friends begin to get married? It can create some uncomfortable (and unwanted) conversations at some point in the future.

4 Thoughts Every Guy Has When All His Friends Start Getting Married

Watching your friends all start getting married might seem like another excuse for a great party (after all, most wedding receptions are loaded with alcohol, food, and single women), but after a while, when you’re one of the last of your friends to remain single, you might just start having certain thoughts.

5 Habits Most People Think Are Toxic For The Relationship

Relationships are hard work. Anyone who thinks it’s easy to be in one either hasn’t put much effort into it (which places all the pressure on their partner who will one day resent it) or is heading for a breakup. If you’re not willing to focus on making the effort to ensure this one works out, don’t go looking outside of yourself for the answers about why it didn’t.