10 Signs You’re Headed For A Break Up

Nobody, and I mean nobody enters into a relationship expecting things to fall apart. You get involved with the other person because you assume that things are going to last a long, long time. When most people tend to look back on their past failed relationships, they can usually learn a lot about and from them.

5 Times Wives Are Always Right

What makes a good marriage, great mutual understanding or great compromise? Probably a bit of both and this is interspersed with all those fights that can quite liven up things. But there are times when things can come right down to who’s right and who is acting like an idiot. Some things are sacrosanct and neither gender will bend but for others, it is probably safe to say that the female of the species is wiser. If you don’t believe me take a look at these instances where the wives are always right.

6 Things To Remember If You Want To Keep Your Marriage Hot

When you comes across a couple who have been together for 50 years you feel amazed. You think of your grandparents and wonder how they did it. Marriage is the most wonderful experience and yet can be so hard to maintain at times. The initial days are rose tinted for most of us but as we grow older and the practicalities take over, romance tends to take a backseat. Very soon we are burdened with responsibilities and are sniping at each other all the time because it is all so overwhelming. Now fights and arguments are what make a marriage normal otherwise you will be residing in a dead zone!

5 Little-Known Benefits Of Long-Distance Love

In this age of globalization long distance relationships have become quite a norm. People who balked at the idea even a few years ago have accepted the fact, while millennials take in their stride all the time. The distance is also quite a large one for it’s no more just a job in another city; it could very well be a three year stint in another country. You may not be able to take off for the weekend as easily which means longer separations. It is not just about time and distance but a lot of money as well which, let’s face it, can be hard to shell out all the time. So will your relationship last in face of such challenges?

3 Things Our Boyfriends Say That Are So Annoying It’s Almost Cute

Relationships are hard and finding that right person is even harder. They say you have to kiss to a lot of toads before you get to the prince. Well, don’t expect the prince to be perfect. He is going to do and say things that will seriously rile you up and you will probably feel like smacking him on the head most of the time. But that doesn’t make him a bad person, just a man! You have to give him that leeway. Don’t judge a man by the great books you read or the movies that turn you into a marshmallow inside. That’s not reality. This imperfect man, who loves you, is.